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Catering is one of the prime concerns, when it comes to organizing a wedding.

Banke Bihari Weddings brings you a unique opportunity to make your event a truly memorable one. What our expert chefs would do is, sit down with you and have a detailed chat to understand your unique needs. Based on that we will create a designer menu to be served exclusively at your function. Banke Bihari Weddings experts can even customize dishes based on your preferences and requirements. Each of our chefs have learned and redefined the fine art of Indian cooking and they bring these secrets to the table. It ranges from Gujarati, Rajasthani, Maharashtrian, South Indian, Punjabi, Kashmiri, Lucknavi, Hyderabadi, Bengali, and Awadhi to the cuisine of the palaces of India. We also specialize in American, Italian, African, Indian, Chinese, Philippines and Mexican cuisine. Our celebrity chefs have extensive experience in planning celebrity events. We can create unique designer menus that’ll be showcased exclusively at your event.

  • Choice of caterers from all over India.
  • Customizing menus to specific function needs and taste palates.
  • Innovative accessory designs for special sit downs like floral rings for napkins, customized napkins, wine covers etc.
  • Suggesting/Sourcing Maharajas/cooks for smaller home functions.